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Lauren S's testimonial about Well RestedAs a professional athlete, model, and student, my days are extremely mentally and physically exhausting. My sleep is crucial for proper recovery needed to keep performing every day.I came across my first product from Sleeping Monk in a desperate attempt to find something that would help me sleep. At night I could not get my brain to slow down and it seemed I was waking up right as I was falling asleep.

After a week of using Well Rested, I felt like I was back on my A game and my sleep patterns were getting back to normal. My quality of sleep improved tremendously and I was able to fall asleep at the time my body needed it.

What I love about Sleeping Monk is that it is completely made from the best herbs for harmonizing the body. For years I ate the unhealthiest diet and would take medicine made of poisoning chemicals to help me sleep or to help my body recover after workouts, but what I never realized was how much harm these products were doing to my body and mind.

I have learned through my experiences to take care of my body and be conscious of what I put in it. Love your body enough to give it what it deserves to perform optimally.

Well Rested - Lauren S Review
I also learned that it is a process. It’s about learning about yourself and your body everyday and achieving that harmony. Sleeping Monk has really put together a line of formulas that instills these values and I believe will be a huge advantage to athletes.

I believe people resort to non-natural products as their way of an easy fix but that’s not what it is about.

I use the Immortal formula after every workout and before bed to help aid in my recovery process and as a bonus, it helps achieve beautiful skin! I feel one step ahead of the game.

Sleeping Monk Customer Gia B. Testimonial
I’m Britanie and I’m the Founder of the site: I’ve struggled with some challenging chronic illnesses since my teens, (Fibromyalgia , Endometriosis & Anemia). It was through my social media that I read about another person’s successful experience with Sleeping Monk products.Intrigued, I immediately went to this site, read about Louis and his inspiring personal story. What “got” me was his statement, ‘I love the idea of treating the body as a complete system to help bring itself back into balance. I also love Chinese herbal medicine because of the folklore, the mystique, the history and the proven track record of efficacy for thousands of years.’ At this point I knew we had a lot in common both sharing a holistic whole body approach to wellness, rather than a covering up of symptoms by reaching for a pill solution.

I emailed Louis, and he was incredibly helpful, informative and guided me to the best formulas for me personally. I began with the Super Immunity Tonic, which to date is my all time favorite. Having struggled for so many years with a lowered immune system this particular tonic proved to be a godsend formula.

For the first time in years I don’t “catch” every virus that’s going around. I take the Super Immunity Tonic daily and since doing this my body has been able to successfully build up strength and a natural resistance. I suspect it has a lot to do with the revered Black Reishi. This unique mushroom is a powerhouse agent for improving immune function, promoting radiant health and longevity. And it contains metaphysical properties for broadening perspective. All I know is that it works for me.

I’ve been recommending Sleeping Monk Tonics to my readers for years. I get a lot of, “thank you so much for directing me to this brand”, but I always say the thanks go directly to my friend, Louis, for having the vision to create such an important adjunct for healthy living. These are superior products from a extra special company.

As I’ve started getting older and having had abused drugs for many years as a teenager, my testosterone, libido, and overall mood were at an all time low.

I finally had enough and started treating my body better by exercising and eating healthy. It’s been a hard transition but I was making progress and getting results.

Sleeping Monk Customer Gia B. Testimonial

Then I found Sleeping Monk’s “Enter the Dragon” supreme male formula. Wow.
I didn’t realize the progress that I had made wasn’t near my potential! I’ve been taking Enter The Dragon for six months now and the results have been astronomical. First of all, my sex drive is the best its ever been, and when I take it before a workout, It gives me motivation to push so much harder.

I can’t believe that this product is good for you, haha! It gives you a nice little rush as well! Thank you Sleeping Monk for this amazing addition to my well-being!

Terimonial from Damon P
I was struggling to get a sound night of sleep for a couple of years. Some nights were better than others, but I often woke in the morning groggy, grumpy or just totally out of it. I was very resistant to the idea of over the counter or even worse, prescription sleeping aids as I did not want to become dependent on a chemically based pill.

I was introduced to Sleeping Monk Well Rested by a close friend and was initially skeptical. I have never been a big believer in herbal formulas, but due to my worry about my inconsistent sleep patterns, I decided to give it a try.
The results were very swift and impactful. I quickly went from waking 3+ times a night to sleeping soundly for 7-8 hours (apart from when nature called). More importantly, I felt great when I woke in the morning. I expected a hangover or drowsiness feel if I was taking something that promoted sleep, but in reality it was the complete opposite. I felt awake, alert and happy in the morning. Maybe not always happy to go to work, but happy to interact with my family and dogs and did not dread the day ahead due to lack of sleep.

Testimonial from Damon PIn the past year I have traveled to Europe more than 10 times. In the past, I have struggled with jet lag and had a very hard time falling asleep. A typical night consisted of me lying in bed tossing and turning until 3AM and finally falling asleep – only to have the alarm go off a mere 3 hours later. This did not make for a fun day ahead. I have taken the Well Rested formula with me on my travels and the jet lag has been cut to very manageable levels. I am able to sleep comfortably after the sun goes down and get a much better night’s rest.

I now take Well Rested right before bed every single night and the product is as effective as the first time I took it.

Sleeping Monk Customer Gia B. TestimonialThankfully, I was introduced to Sleeping Monk’s Well-Rested formula during a very stressful time in my life… I was starting a new business and my lifestyle changed dramatically from very balanced to totally out of balance. I was working 15+ hour days, 7 days a week without my usual exercise/yoga/meditation routine and needless to say, feeling exhausted! I also couldn’t sleep due to extreme anxiety.

I started to take just a few drops of The Well Rested High Potency Herbal Extract just before bed and within days, even though I wasn’t sleeping as many hours a night as I would have liked, the few hours that I did get were truly restful. I go into a deep sleep almost immediately, rest through the entire night and best of all, awaken feeling “well rested” and actually revitalized, ready to take on another long, full day as a small business owner.

I have tried numerous other sleep remedies, but what I really love about Sleeping Monk’s formula (besides the fact that it tastes like licorice and honey, which makes it feel like a treat!) is that it doesn’t make me drowsy before bedtime or leave me feeling groggy the morning after. I simply sleep deep, rest well and awaken refreshed!

This formula is definitely worth trying and I have recommended it to many friends and family since sleeping well seems to be escaping much of the population these days. I also offer all of Sleeping Monk’s High Potency Herbal Extracts at my Juice and Smoothie Apothecary Bar, where many of my clients are experiencing the benefits of these formulas as well.

I was just writing to let you know that Brandon finally tried the Sleeping Monk Well Rested you gave me and he said it is awesome!

He only usually sleeps a few hours a night and he has taken it twice now and slept for 7 hours straight, which never happens!

He doesn’t feel sleepy, which he loves, and it is something he can take that does not affect his heart medication. Just wanted to say thank you again 🙂

I am an insomniac. I usually have trouble falling asleep and even when I don’t, I still find myself waking up around 4:30am everyday.

I’ve tried many of the leading remedies out there, Ambien makes me nuts and melatonin leaves me hungover.

I can truly say the Sleeping Monk Well Rested is something different. It really works. It calms my busy mind, gives me a full night’s rest and I feel refreshed when I wake up the next morning – which thankfully is now after sunrise.

I’d highly recommend to anyone with similar needs.

I have a [relatively] busy schedule, and between my work hours and personal life, I have a tendency to regularly burn the candle on both ends, so to speak – mentally & physically.

I previously experienced difficulty falling asleep and in the moments when I would manage to fall asleep, I would have a very restless, almost fitful sleep. I would regularly wake up tired – it wouldn’t matter whether I received 4 hours of sleep or managed 8 hours.

I changed dietary habits and still, no significant improvement. I began to heavily depend on several espresso shots every morning to even function adequately in the a.m. hours.

At the recommendation of a co-worker, I started taking the Sleeping Monk’s ‘Well Rested’ formula. He swore up and down that it would help.

After several days, I began to notice the difference. It wasn’t that taking it “made me go to sleep” or feel “sleepy” – the best way I can think to describe it is I was able to experience a true, undisturbed sleep; the benefits of which you feel the following morning when you wake up.

I don’t wake up in a fog, instead I wake up actually feeling… rested. I now take the “Well Rested” formula regularly as part of my nighttime ritual, right before I brush my teeth! I hands down recommend this to anyone.

I have been using the Sleeping Monk Immortal formula for over five years – first as a tonic elixir and now as an tincture extract.

I have found it to be a powerful source of calm and emotional balance. I like its taste and it has the advantage of being easy to travel with.

I use it in conjunction with three other Sleeping Monk products that I find very helpful.

Well-Rested assures me of a full night’s sleep and the ability to wake up without feeling sluggish or groggy. It took some tries to find the right amount for me, (three drops at the time of this writing), to achieve the right effect.

I have recently added Mind Sharpener and Super Immunity to my daily regimen and already see an increased improvement in short term memory.

I am eighty-two years old and I thought that loss of short term memory was a by-product of aging and while my memory isn’t perfect, I do see improvement and sometimes surprise myself with the speed of recall that I haven’t been used to having.

I feel comfortable using these products because the ingredients in them have been used for thousands of years without unpleasant or dangerous side effects.

They do not offer quick fixes as many modern prescriptions meds do but are a part of a whole body approach to well being.

I am happy to have discovered them and have no compunction in urging others to try them. They have helped me so much.