I have been using the Sleeping Monk Immortal formula for over five years – first as a tonic elixir and now as an tincture extract.

I have found it to be a powerful source of calm and emotional balance. I like its taste and it has the advantage of being easy to travel with.

I use it in conjunction with three other Sleeping Monk products that I find very helpful.

Well-Rested assures me of a full night’s sleep and the ability to wake up without feeling sluggish or groggy. It took some tries to find the right amount for me, (three drops at the time of this writing), to achieve the right effect.

I have recently added Mind Sharpener and Super Immunity to my daily regimen and already see an increased improvement in short term memory.

I am eighty-two years old and I thought that loss of short term memory was a by-product of aging and while my memory isn’t perfect, I do see improvement and sometimes surprise myself with the speed of recall that I haven’t been used to having.

I feel comfortable using these products because the ingredients in them have been used for thousands of years without unpleasant or dangerous side effects.

They do not offer quick fixes as many modern prescriptions meds do but are a part of a whole body approach to well being.

I am happy to have discovered them and have no compunction in urging others to try them. They have helped me so much.