I have a [relatively] busy schedule, and between my work hours and personal life, I have a tendency to regularly burn the candle on both ends, so to speak – mentally & physically.

I previously experienced difficulty falling asleep and in the moments when I would manage to fall asleep, I would have a very restless, almost fitful sleep. I would regularly wake up tired – it wouldn’t matter whether I received 4 hours of sleep or managed 8 hours.

I changed dietary habits and still, no significant improvement. I began to heavily depend on several espresso shots every morning to even function adequately in the a.m. hours.

At the recommendation of a co-worker, I started taking the Sleeping Monk’s ‘Well Rested’ formula. He swore up and down that it would help.

After several days, I began to notice the difference. It wasn’t that taking it “made me go to sleep” or feel “sleepy” – the best way I can think to describe it is I was able to experience a true, undisturbed sleep; the benefits of which you feel the following morning when you wake up.

I don’t wake up in a fog, instead I wake up actually feeling… rested. I now take the “Well Rested” formula regularly as part of my nighttime ritual, right before I brush my teeth! I hands down recommend this to anyone.