Lauren S's testimonial about Well RestedAs a professional athlete, model, and student, my days are extremely mentally and physically exhausting. My sleep is crucial for proper recovery needed to keep performing every day.I came across my first product from Sleeping Monk in a desperate attempt to find something that would help me sleep. At night I could not get my brain to slow down and it seemed I was waking up right as I was falling asleep.

After a week of using Well Rested, I felt like I was back on my A game and my sleep patterns were getting back to normal. My quality of sleep improved tremendously and I was able to fall asleep at the time my body needed it.

What I love about Sleeping Monk is that it is completely made from the best herbs for harmonizing the body. For years I ate the unhealthiest diet and would take medicine made of poisoning chemicals to help me sleep or to help my body recover after workouts, but what I never realized was how much harm these products were doing to my body and mind.

I have learned through my experiences to take care of my body and be conscious of what I put in it. Love your body enough to give it what it deserves to perform optimally.

Well Rested - Lauren S Review
I also learned that it is a process. It’s about learning about yourself and your body everyday and achieving that harmony. Sleeping Monk has really put together a line of formulas that instills these values and I believe will be a huge advantage to athletes.

I believe people resort to non-natural products as their way of an easy fix but that’s not what it is about.

I use the Immortal formula after every workout and before bed to help aid in my recovery process and as a bonus, it helps achieve beautiful skin! I feel one step ahead of the game.