Terimonial from Damon P
I was struggling to get a sound night of sleep for a couple of years. Some nights were better than others, but I often woke in the morning groggy, grumpy or just totally out of it. I was very resistant to the idea of over the counter or even worse, prescription sleeping aids as I did not want to become dependent on a chemically based pill.

I was introduced to Sleeping Monk Well Rested by a close friend and was initially skeptical. I have never been a big believer in herbal formulas, but due to my worry about my inconsistent sleep patterns, I decided to give it a try.
The results were very swift and impactful. I quickly went from waking 3+ times a night to sleeping soundly for 7-8 hours (apart from when nature called). More importantly, I felt great when I woke in the morning. I expected a hangover or drowsiness feel if I was taking something that promoted sleep, but in reality it was the complete opposite. I felt awake, alert and happy in the morning. Maybe not always happy to go to work, but happy to interact with my family and dogs and did not dread the day ahead due to lack of sleep.

Testimonial from Damon PIn the past year I have traveled to Europe more than 10 times. In the past, I have struggled with jet lag and had a very hard time falling asleep. A typical night consisted of me lying in bed tossing and turning until 3AM and finally falling asleep – only to have the alarm go off a mere 3 hours later. This did not make for a fun day ahead. I have taken the Well Rested formula with me on my travels and the jet lag has been cut to very manageable levels. I am able to sleep comfortably after the sun goes down and get a much better night’s rest.

I now take Well Rested right before bed every single night and the product is as effective as the first time I took it.