As I’ve started getting older and having had abused drugs for many years as a teenager, my testosterone, libido, and overall mood were at an all time low.

I finally had enough and started treating my body better by exercising and eating healthy. It’s been a hard transition but I was making progress and getting results.

Sleeping Monk Customer Gia B. Testimonial

Then I found Sleeping Monk’s “Enter the Dragon” supreme male formula. Wow.
I didn’t realize the progress that I had made wasn’t near my potential! I’ve been taking Enter The Dragon for six months now and the results have been astronomical. First of all, my sex drive is the best its ever been, and when I take it before a workout, It gives me motivation to push so much harder.

I can’t believe that this product is good for you, haha! It gives you a nice little rush as well! Thank you Sleeping Monk for this amazing addition to my well-being!