Sleeping Monk Customer Gia B. Testimonial
I’m Britanie and I’m the Founder of the site: I’ve struggled with some challenging chronic illnesses since my teens, (Fibromyalgia , Endometriosis & Anemia). It was through my social media that I read about another person’s successful experience with Sleeping Monk products.Intrigued, I immediately went to this site, read about Louis and his inspiring personal story. What “got” me was his statement, ‘I love the idea of treating the body as a complete system to help bring itself back into balance. I also love Chinese herbal medicine because of the folklore, the mystique, the history and the proven track record of efficacy for thousands of years.’ At this point I knew we had a lot in common both sharing a holistic whole body approach to wellness, rather than a covering up of symptoms by reaching for a pill solution.

I emailed Louis, and he was incredibly helpful, informative and guided me to the best formulas for me personally. I began with the Super Immunity Tonic, which to date is my all time favorite. Having struggled for so many years with a lowered immune system this particular tonic proved to be a godsend formula.

For the first time in years I don’t “catch” every virus that’s going around. I take the Super Immunity Tonic daily and since doing this my body has been able to successfully build up strength and a natural resistance. I suspect it has a lot to do with the revered Black Reishi. This unique mushroom is a powerhouse agent for improving immune function, promoting radiant health and longevity. And it contains metaphysical properties for broadening perspective. All I know is that it works for me.

I’ve been recommending Sleeping Monk Tonics to my readers for years. I get a lot of, “thank you so much for directing me to this brand”, but I always say the thanks go directly to my friend, Louis, for having the vision to create such an important adjunct for healthy living. These are superior products from a extra special company.