Super Tonic Herbs 101, Intro



Super Tonic herbs have extraordinary phytonutrients that build health by tonifying, which means they work naturally with the body to increase the available energy of an organ, system or cell.

Their benefits are immediate, and more importantly, cumulative. They gain momentum in our body, so to speak, when taken consistently over time.

Super Tonic herbs tonify, yes, but beyond that, they also have balancing and protective Adaptogenic properties.

These Adaptogenic properties modulate our body’s systems according to our individual needs. So Reishi Mushroom, (an amazing Super Tonic herb), for example, can fortify a weak immune system or depress an auto-immune challenge, to ongoingly ensure optimal homeostasis, depending on what our body needs at any given time.

But the Adaptogenic effects don’t stop there. Once the herb adapts to our body’s unique internal terrain and brings us into balance, it also helps us to better adapt to all the various external stressors in the world, i.e. heat, cold, altitude, air pressure, toxic environments and toxic attitudes, etc…

In summary, they protect us from the internal stressors in the body and the external stressors of life. This is the key to Longevity.

If you can imagine an herb that, when ingested, is constantly abiding to our body’s ever-changing needs to help keep it in balance and then, nourishing, strengthening, energizing and protecting us on the comprehensive level of body, mind and spirit, then you have imagined a Super Tonic herb.

Super Tonic herbs work in stark contrast to stimulants, in terms of increasing energy. While stimulants literally force our body into a stress response by increasing the production of the hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol, our body is forced to work at an unsustainable level. The only way back to homeostasis is the ensuing depletion of the life-sucking crash – thus effectively accelerating the aging process.

The Adaptogenic qualities of the Super Tonic herbs, however, remove and protect us from stress while giving us balanced and sustainable life force energy.

Super Tonic herbs have been used safely and effectively in the East for centuries. Of the thousands of herbs used in the Chinese pharmacopeia, only about 56 herbs are in this elite category.

Every one of our Sleeping Monk formulas is replete with Super Tonic herbs and our Immortal formula is 100% Super Tonic herbs. We don’t call it Immortal for nothing!!!

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