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Sleeping Monk Infinite Mind is a powerful formula created to enhance overall brainpower and maintain cognitive function as we gracefully transition well into our golden years, without the threats of many of the common associated…

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Product Description

Sleeping Monk’s Infinite Mind is a powerful formula that may enhance overall brainpower and maintain optimal cognitive function, without the threats of many of the common associated degenerative diseases.

Infinite Mind benefits may include:

  • Improved Short, Long Term Memory
  • Enhanced Mental Focus, Acuity and Creativity
  • Increased Blood Flow, Oxygenation, Nutrient Uptake to Brain
  • Improved Mood, Calm Mind
  • Protected Immunity

Ingredients: ginseng root, poygala root, sweetflag rhizome, schizandra berry, ziziphus seed, platycodon root, ginkgo biloba leaf, coconut oil glycerin, water.

1 fl. oz. (30ml)
30+ servings

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