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  • Immortal


    The Immortal formula is deeply nourishing and strengthening. It is also mildly calming. Our synergistic blend of whole Ancient Chinese SuperTonic herbs makes it a powerfully rejuvenating formula.

  • Nite Nite


    Sleeping Monk Nite Nite is a calming and emotional stabilizing herbal extract formula that may assist in achieving a great night’s sleep and
    reducing anxiety.

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    Super Immunity

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    Super Immunity formula strengthens and regulates our Immune system and our hormones for optimal performance, resulting in increased Vitality. It increases white blood cells, hemoglobin, the production of antibodies and leukocytes to maximize resistance to bacteria, viruses and opportunistic pathogens.

  • Sleeping Monk - Infinite Mind Herbal Formula

    Infinite Mind


    Sleeping Monk Infinite Mind is a powerful formula created to enhance overall brainpower and maintain cognitive function as we gracefully transition well into our golden years, without the threats of many of the common associated…

  • Enter the Dragon


    Enter the Dragon is a powerful Male Virility formula that naturally increases strength and endurance.

  • Goddess in Bloom


    Goddess in Bloom is a comprehensive Female Hormone Balancing, Sexual Health formula.