The Super Immunity formula may strengthen and regulate our Immune system and our hormones for optimal performance, resulting in increased Vitality. It may increase white blood cells, hemoglobin, the production of antibodies and leukocytes to maximize resistance to bacteria, viruses and opportunistic pathogens.

When it comes to our Longevity, nothing plays a more vital role than the health of our Immune system. Although our Sleeping Monk Immortal longevity formula has notable immune balancing, protecting and nourishing herbs, it also may contain other unrelated benefits, whereas our Super Immunity formula has a single focus – to take the Immune system to a whole new level.

Super Immunity may produce compounds that are cytotoxic to abnormally virulent or infectious cells, thus may be highly beneficial for those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, both by possibly increasing the effectiveness, while at the same time, reducing the damaging side-effects of these toxic treatments.

To round out this Immune protecting powerhouse, the Super Immunity formula also may relieve joint pain, muscle spasms, respiratory infections, allergies, lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It also may stabilize blood sugar and contains phytochemicals that may reduce inflammation and oxidation.

Sleeping Monk Super Immunity is Proactive Health Assurance at its finest.


Reishi MushroomReishi Mushroom
Gynostemma LeafGynostemma Leaf
Astragalus RootAstragalus Root
White Atractylodes RhizomeWhite Atractylodes
SilerRootSiler Root



Recommended Dosage: 1 dropper full (approx. 20 drops)

Start with 10-20 drops, up to 3 times per day as needed. Can be taken straight or mixed with an ounce of water or juice.

As people’s constitutions, weight and tolerances differ, so will your optimal dosage.