Sleeping Monk Immortal, the Secret to Lifelong Youthful Energy

Are you feeling run down and looking for more energy? The Sleeping Monk Immortal formula is a game changer. It shifts the paradigm of what an energy product is all about. It is meaningful, transformative and lasting. To best illustrate, let us compare the effects of caffeinated products and the Immortal formula in action…


The ingestion of the psychoactive drug caffeine forces our adrenal glands to secrete numerous stress hormones, putting our body into crisis mode. This wreaks havoc throughout our body. We become dehydrated, de-mineralized, oxidized and inflamed. Our nervous system and adrenals are exhausted, our immune system is compromised and our ability to adapt to further stress and fight disease becomes severely diminished.

Our body has to compensate by using precious resources in an effort to maintain homeostasis. These compensations our body makes effectively accelerate the aging process.

We have created an acidic condition in our body, leaving ourselves more vulnerable to degenerative diseases of all kinds. This is the antithesis of the health and the energy we’re looking for.


When we take Sleeping Monk’s Immortal formula, we’re ingesting some of the planet’s most potent health building, ‘SuperTonic’ herbs, containing phytochemicals that may balance both our Immune and Nervous systems for optimal performance and protection.

These herbs may also nourish and protect our adrenals from extreme stress, detoxify, protect and regenerate liver tissue, lower cholesterol and blood pressure and they may regulate blood sugar.

With the Immortal formula, we become hydrated, mineralized, and filled with Transformative nutrition with major focus on the kidneys, liver, lungs and heart. When we nourish and strengthen our organs in this way, with continued use, our body becomes rejuvenated at a fundamental level and we generate more natural, balanced, calm and focused energy than we ever imagined possible – Anti-aging at its best.

The ancient Taoist Masters said that the secret to Longevity is to build an abundance of ‘Jing’, (Fundamental Life Energy). Jing is our body’s power source and it is stored in our kidneys. The Immortal formula is replete with herbs that may strengthen and rejuvenate the kidneys.


Asparagus RootWild Asparagus Root
Prepared RehmanniaPrepared Rehmannia
Reishi MushroomReishi Mushroom
Schizandra BerrySchizandra Berry
Ziziphus SeedZiziphus Seed
Goji BerryGoji Berry
Licorice RootWild Licorice Root


Water Drops

Recommended Dosage: 1 dropper full (approx. 20 drops)

Start with 10-20 drops, up to 3 times per day as needed. Can be taken straight or mixed with an ounce of water or juice.

As people’s constitutions, weight and tolerances differ, so will your optimal dosage.