Like many of us, I have spent most of my life focused on my own selfish pursuits and desires… trying to control outcomes and how others view me, trying to get stuff and trying to not lose what stuff I have.

It’s taken me a lot of experience – a lot of pain, suffering and heartbreak to finally realize that true contentment, happiness and satisfaction comes from being of service – giving selflessly to help others without any expectation of receiving something in return.

We’ve all heard this, perhaps many times, but to actually put into practice is pretty darn rad, rewarding and it fills my life with purpose.

That’s why, at Sleeping Monk, we’re giving 5% of ALL sales to Waves 4 Water. Whether purchased here on the site, Amazon or at any of our retail stores, you are helping save lives and you may not even have known it!

Our friends at Waves 4 Water came up with this amazing water filter system that keeps out the bad stuff and gives pure, fresh, disease-free drinking water to those all over the world who need it most.

Each filter costs only $50 and will provide clean water for 100 people for 5 years. How rad is that?

So, for example, with your purchase of just 1 of our products, you’re giving clean drinking water to 4 people who’s lives depend on it.

So far, you’ve helped Sleeping Monk help thousands of people, which is super cool. But we want to do more.

So at 46, in support of Waves 4 Water, I’ve just decided to run my first marathon! Ooops, what was I thinking?!? It’s going down October 18th, which gives me only 2 months to train. If I’m gonna pull this off, I really need your help.

Please check out the video below for details and head over to CrowdRise to donate and share with your loved ones to do the same!

I’ll be following up with video updates of my training progress and stay tuned for details about how / when to win some epic prizes with your donations too!

Thanks for your support!
– Louis

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Head over to CrowdRise to donate and share with your loved ones.

View our Waves 4 Water, Pt. 1 video