Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between using whole herbs and isolated chemical compounds?
We make our herbal formulas from whole herbs and not from isolated chemicals or chemical compounds. For instance, many companies have isolated the amino acid L-Theanine and sell it as such for its benefits. But that’s not the same as using whole green tea leaves, from which the L-Theanine comes from. We use the whole plant/herb to receive the synergistic benefits that nature provides us.In this way, the herbs work with our body to naturally produce appropriate and balanced amounts of the compound in question for maximum assimilation to help us achieve optimal health.
What’s the protocol for taking Sleeping Monk formulas; with food, empty stomach, and each formula individually or together, etc.?
For fastest assimilation, take the formulas on an empty stomach. They may, however, be taken with food as well, if one so desires.
They can also be taken in combination, using common sense as your guide. For example, both the Mind Sharpener and the Super Immunity are potent Qi tonics, which can be somewhat stimulating for some. In this case, best not to mix with the Well Rested formula when trying to calm anxiety, relax or achieve a good night’s sleep. If unsure, best to wait at least an hour before taking another formula.
As we introduce more products, our vision is that many people will combine them, to address different specific symptoms and challenges. 60 drops per day of any given formula would, for most people be the most they should take.
How do we purchase the product?
We suggest purchasing directly from the site. We have a secure checkout ecommerce store that is verified all the way through the delivery process.We also offer our products in retail stores throughout California. Please use our Store Locator to find your local retail store.Additionally, you may order direct by phone: (310) 975-4745

Can your products be taken while pregnant or nursing, and are they OK for infants and children?
While many customers have had great results giving Sleeping Monk formulas to children at a modified lower dosage, we have to advise you in all areas questioned to consult your physician beforehand.
How did you come up with the name, “Sleeping Monk”?
We thought, “what’s the most peaceful thing we can think of?” We came up with a sleeping baby, but that doesn’t sound as cool as Sleeping Monk, which we figured was the next most peaceful. We also have a strong affinity for the Buddhist Monks as we have encountered them during years of meditation practice.They are some of the most amazing people and we’ve learned so much from their valuable and practical teachings. Also, we are a huge fans of Kung Fu and it is said that the Zen Buddhist Monks of the Shaolin Temple in China, (Shaolin Monks), were the ones who invented Kung Fu, over a thousand years ago.
Are the products helpful for detox and rehab?
Schizandra berries in Immortal have a specific liver detoxifying action and the emotional stabilizing effect that many of the other herbs in our formulas have makes them very helpful for those new in recovery, as our CEO was when he first developed the Immortal formula.
Can you tell us about Sleeping Monk’s quality assurance protocol?
After extensive research, we have secured the absolute best supplier of Chinese herbs. Our source tests, not only for safety, but also for efficacy of all the herbs at two independent labs – one in Australia and one in America. The results are cross – referenced for accuracy to ensure the highest possible quality and potency of the herbs used in all of our formulas.
Do your products need to be refrigerated after opening? What’s the Shelf life?
No, Sleeping Monk formulas can be kept at room temperature and will last at least 2, and up to 4 years from the date of manufacture, printed on the bottle.
Do your products contain alcohol?
No. While we do use alcohol during the extraction process to achieve maximum potency with the herbs, we then remove the alcohol and replace it with glycerin, so that our final products contain no alcohol. This way, we accomplish the best of both worlds, so to speak.
Can the Well Rested formula be taken during the day?
Absolutely. When one is experiencing unusually high levels of stress or anxiety, the Well Rested can be used to calm the mind and relax the body, without the inhibition of motor skills or muscle flaccidity.
How long should one take your products before realizing the desired results?
As specific goals, constitutions, tolerance and body types vary, results will be highly personalized. Keep in mind, all worthwhile change takes time and consistent application, in this case usage.In general, there are definitely numerous immediate effects that one can expect with our formulas, but the truly meaningful and transformative benefits are most often realized over a 1-month to 3-month period of consistent use.For best results, we recommend including Sleeping Monk as a proactive health and healing adjunct your healthy lifestyle program.