We all have a deep life force at the core of our being. It is our Essence, what the Taoist Masters call ‘Jing’. It is the power that drives us, that motivates us to become the absolute best of the best at whatever we do. It represents our sexual power, our creativity, our mental and athletic strength, our motivation and confidence.

Life itself drains our Jing, causing aging and deterioration. When our Jing is exhausted, we die. We accelerate the aging process with stress, overwork, overtraining, negativity, drug, alcohol and caffeine use, and for the male, excess release of sexual fluids, (yes, that’s right).

To maintain youthfulness and vigor, we must preserve and replenish our Jing with proper sleep, meditation, Qi Gong, responsible sexual practice, a positive mental attitude towards self and others, and the continued consumption of key foods and herbs.

Sleeping Monk’s unique and powerful Enter the Dragon formula may ignite our Jing with, well… the flame of 1000 dragons!

Enter the Dragon may help you have the best sex of your life, with maximum sperm production and motility, with erectile power and potency, with fiery desire, passion, endurance and confidence!

It may also naturally help balance hormones, fill you with vitality and power, cause you to radiate light and energy that attracts the opposite sex and live the longest, healthiest, most active and creative life possible.



Sleeping Monk Prepared RehmanniaPrepared Rehmannia
Sleeping Monk Cornus FruitCornus Fruit
Sleeping Monk Discorea RootDiscorea Root
Sleeping Monk Goji BerryGoji Berry
Sleeping Monk EpimediumEpimedium
Sleeping Monk Cinammon TwigCinnamon Twig
Sleepink Monk CynomoriumCynomorium
Sleeping Monk CistanchesCistanches
Folvic Acid Mineral ResinFulvic Acid Mineral Resin


Water Drops

Recommended Dosage: 1 dropper full (approx. 20 drops)

Start with 10-20 drops, from 1 to 3 times per day as needed. Can be taken straight or mixed with an ounce of water, tea or juice.

For optimal virility and fertility, take for 90 days and behold the miracles!

As people’s constitutions, weight and tolerances differ, so will your optimal dosage.